Date: 5/28/2004

To: oreilly@foxnews.com


You pursue your hate mongering campaign against France, giving prizes to people who throw away French products, and boasting of it on your major TV show. You claim France "trespassed on everybody" by becoming an "accomplice" of terrorism. Last year you held that France had betrayed the US on the Lockerbie bombing, although the French suffered the exact same catastrophic attack on a French jumbo jet, from the same Libyan assassins. Your statements make no sense except as a Goebbels like Big Lie campaign, to smear France in the eyes of the American public that, you seem to presume, knows nothing. Each American life got valued, by the Libyan assassins, several times more than every French life. At least the Libyans recognized the attack, but not only did you deny that the UTA jumbo jet was destroyed, but you left the impression that, somehow, the French did Lockerbie. I am afraid that, even during Mc Carthyism, nobody sunk as low as you have in an exhibition of pathological hatred. I have been reviewing the Nazi press to find attacks that violent against France before WW2. So far, no luck. Do you think that, when the rest of the world knows how much influential people like you hate their allies, America will have more friends? The rest of the world does not know the extent of the pathology people like you exhibit, and that they mesmerize America today. Many foreigners have a naive picture of America as misled and gauche. They have no idea of the sorts of extravagant lies people like you spread about, in an attempt to hate, not just terrorists, but everybody not taking their orders from Corporate America. Don't expect them to never find out. When they do, the US will lose a lot of the capital of affection it still has overseas. America will then discover itself to be much smaller, and much more impotent, than it ever guessed it could be

Patrice Ayme'