` Patrice Ayme



Date: 5/7/2004

To: letters@nytimes.com

Speaking of "restoring America's honor," Mr.Friedman wrote on May 7, 2004, that America is "an instrument of moral authority and inspiration." What an interesting semantic slip! So America is an "instrument?" May we know who is using America as an "instrument?" Are those the same sort of people who made "the strategic alliance between Nazi Germany and America's most powerful corporation"? In case you wonder, this later quote is the subtitle of Edwin Black's 2001 book "IBM and the Holocaust," which revealed that the holocaust of the Jews by Hitler was organized by ... IBM, a US corporation allied to the Nazis from 1933 to 1945. One of many.

American corporations made Hitler's Third Reich viable. Every single Nazi plane used in combat, or strafing French refugees in 1940 was fueled by the Ethyl Corporation of America. All Nazi vehicles used secret artificial rubber from Standard Oil of New Jersey, Nazi armor was made by another Nazi American company. The grandfather of the present US president was financing all this with his Nazi American bank; more exactly more than half of the iron production. And so on, ad nauseam. Hitler without corporate America would have been little. The Nazi socioeconomic miracle was a miracle of Anglo Saxon direct investment. To make that clear, Hitler had a giant picture of Henry Ford behind his desk in Munich. The entanglement with the Nazis was just a crucial piece of the so called "American Century." Said "American Century" could be rewritten very differently from official US history. Who gave half of Europe to Stalin? Certainly not Churchill. Certainly not the French, that the US forcefully excluded from the negotiations at Yalta. Who sided with Muslim fundamentalism for decades, with the aim of replacing French, British and Russian influences in the Middle East? That was done under the threat of atom bombing London and Paris ... Not less (November 1956)! Who profits from a crime is often who facilitated, or instigated it. What about reconsidering the "American Century" in that light? Why were the American criminals who made Nazism possible never prosecuted (differently from their European collaborators)? Is this related to the ongoing naivety of America viewing itself as a democracy, rather than as an "instrument?" What we have in Iraq is more of the same collusion between US policy and US corporate strategy, at the largest scale, except now America is all exposed, for the whole planet to see, as an "instrument." The "instrument" has run out of foreign fascists behind whom to hide. Instead of prosecuting soldiers who were given the impossible moral task to serve their Halliburton in Iraq, it may be best to understand who is using America as an "instrument," and whether this qualifies America as a "moral authority and inspiration."

Patrice Ayme'